Summer or Winter Weddings

We like to keep the pricing of our wedding experiences simple

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A wedding for each season

If you dream of a summer wedding, enjoy our fabulous Ryburn Suite with tarrace and beautiful sunsets. For a more cosy affair in the winter months our Netherwood Suite and private bar would be perfect.

Midweek Wedding


Check Date Availability 2019-2020
£58.00 per person
Marry Me Now


(Available January & February) 2019 & 2020
£48.00 per person
Winter Wedding


(Available March, April, October & November) 2019 & 2020
£58.00 per person
Summer Wedding

£810012 months

(Available May to September) 2019 & 2020
£81.00 per person

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Key information about our different suites and packages along with photos out and about around The Fleece Countryside Inn.


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